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Wall-to-Wall Ways to Clean a Carpet

Many homeowners love carpeting. Its look and comfort, as well as its insulating qualities, make carpet an essential home-decor element. Unfortunately, this creature comfort is prone to stains, such as red wine that accidentally gets spilled at a holiday party or a pet that didn’t quite make it to the doggy door.

In the event mishaps like these occur (and they will), it pays to have carpeting that is made from material that you know is worry-free and easy-to-clean. Mohawk Flooring, for example, offers just such a product.

“SmartStrand Forever Clean is the most durable, easiest-to-clean carpet on the planet,” says David Duncan, Mohawk Flooring’s senior vice president of marketing. “It really is the perfect carpet for families with kids and pets. Using the most advanced fiber innovation, it offers the highest level of beauty, comfort, and performance available so you can live life worry-free.”

Astonishingly, SmartStrand is the first new fiber to be introduced in more than 50 years, and is the only carpet that boasts durability and permanent, built-in stain resistance. As a result, it should be unsurprising that it is the highest-rated carpet for consumer satisfaction, cleanability, and durability.

The difference, according to Duncan, is that it’s the first carpet to combine built-in stain protection with a nanotechnology spill shield.

“Made out of triexta, a greener, more eco-friendly fiber, this fiber is the easiest to clean because it repels and prevents spills from absorbing into the carpet,” says Duncan. “Thus, it cannot become a stain.”

Mohawk says it has tried to minimize its usage of natural resources, which in turn has enabled the company to reduce its carbon footprint by decreasing its energy consumption of its carpet while creating a fiber that is long-lasting and resistant to the toughest stains. Couple that with a carpet that can be easily cleaned with water and mild detergent — no harsh chemicals or cleaners needed — and you have a much more environmentally friendly flooring option.

For parents and pet lovers, consider this: It’s just a matter of time before gravity forces an unwanted mess onto one of your (beloved carpeted) floors. And when it happens, you’ll surely rest easier knowing that it’ll be easy to clean.

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