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Optimize Your Outdoor Space with Custom Shading

Now more than ever, businesses and individuals want to make the most of outdoor spaces. The right customized shade can take a playground, patio, or outdoor commercial space to the next level and provide comfort, sun protection, and a pop of personality.

Shade ‘N Net, one of America’s largest manufacturers of fabric shade systems, can design a customized shade structure that will enhance the value and utility of a home or business for years to come. Shade ‘N Net is a family-owned company with a long history of success and a team of experts that can work with architects and customers to design the perfect shade structure. Some key benefits of a permanent shade structure (that may not have occurred to you) include:- Safety. Sun protection is important for everyone, and a quality shade structure offers sun protection in style for dining, swimming, concerts, or other outdoor activities. Shade structures can provide effective UV protection of up to 97.7 percent. In addition, quality shading keeps you cool and comfortable on sweltering days by reducing temperatures as much as 20 degrees when in the shade, perfect for protecting small children on a playground or at a pool on a hot summer day.- Stability.

A Shade ‘N Net structure is designed to endure. Unlike temporary shade structures, a Shade ‘N Net cover can withstand the weather, and doesn’t need to be put up or taken down daily, a real plus for businesses, as well as homeowners.- Style. Shade ‘N Net structures add the "wow" factor to a business or park, and can make your backyard oasis look like a resort. Fabric colors can be bold and bright, or elegant and muted, depending on your location and needs. The right customer for a permanent shade structure is anyone who wants to make the most of the outdoor space.

Shade structures are modular and require footings, but can be moved or relocated if need be. For example, if a business relocates, they can take shade structure with them. On the business side, restaurants used shades in dozens of brilliant colors and unique designs to draw customers to outdoor dining areas during the pandemic. Churches, schools, and community centers can accommodate outdoor events and overflow attendance. Covered parking adds street appeal. Shades can draw attention to businesses, and increases employee safety for outdoor workers. In addition, theaters or other venues can hold outdoor performances.

On the home front, owners who love to entertain can increase the use of their outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pool, or patio. Shade structures over the backyard swing set or sport court help keep kids cool and comfortable while they burn off energy. For those who have recreational vehicles such as RVs, ATVs or toys, a shade structure can protect your investment." The structures come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty ensuring decades of use," according to the company website.

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