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Must-Have Accessories for Going Swimming

The word rolls off the tongue and sounds so relaxing and soothing to the senses. And nothing is more soothing in the summer than swimming.

At the very least, there’s certainly nothing more refreshing than a quick trip to the pool. Indeed, with temperatures at their peak, and vacations in high gear, it’s prime time to take advantage of a resort pool, or plan a trip to your favorite beach and enjoy one of America’s favorite summer pastimes: swimming.

To ensure your next trip to the pool is as relaxing and successful as it could be, however, there are some essential items everybody should consider bringing. So, whether it’s just a casual day of cooling off, a special summer pool party or, family fun day, here’s a to-do list that covers all pool party goers.

• First and foremost, lather up with lotion—suntan lotion, that is. And then bring more in your tote bag so you can reapply after a round or two in the water. There’s nothing more frustrating (and costly) than when you settle in and realize you forgot your supplies and need to buy more.

• Pack swimming gear. Regardless of whether you’re going to the beach or pool, make sure you have goggles, noodles and other flotation devices. Your time in the water will never be more enjoyable.

• Bring some snacks and drinks. After some rigorous swimming or leisurely tanning, you’re bound to build up an appetite or have a need to quench your thirst.

• Don’t forget your spittoon. Being at the pool in a bikini or trunks can leave one feeling exposed. If you’re a smokeless tobacco user, there’s even less opportunity to take a discreet “dip” while you’re taking a dip in the pool.

That is, unless you own a portable spittoon created by Atlanta-based FLASR. These new 4-ounce pocket-sized spittoons are brilliantly designed to allow users to easily open and close with just one hand, making them ideal items to bring to the pool or any other public setting so you can still enjoy your smokeless tobacco product of choice. Another advantage to the FLASR flask is its advanced closing mechanism that ensures it stays securely closed when not in use, eliminating the risk of any messy spills or leak in the pool that come with those gaudy bottles or drink cups of old.

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