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Four Tips for Getting More Fiber into Your Diet

Fiber can play an important role in reaching your health and wellness goals in 2019. It’s probably best known for its ability to help keep your digestive system moving, but there are other benefits as well – such as helping to promote a feeling of fullness.

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines recommend that women get 25 grams and men get 38 grams of fiber every day, but most average only 15 grams. So Harris-Pincus has some tips on how you can make this resolution stick rather than aiming for 25-38 grams on day one.:

• Only increase your fiber intake by three to five grams each day. That way, you give your body time to adjust.

• Mix in high-fiber foods with your regular diet. As you’re ramping up your fiber intake, start by adding fiber to foods you already eat. It could be as simple as adding a high-fiber cereal to a yogurt parfait or adding nuts and berries to your salad.

• Drink more water. Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water, so make sure you drink plenty of fluids to help carry the fiber through your body.

• Find a great-tasting fiber you love. Instead of viewing fiber as a chore, find a high-fiber option that you can look forward to eating.

“I think everyone has this idea of fiber as bland and boring,” Harris-Pincus says. “But what people don’t realize is that there are tons of great-tasting, high-fiber foods. The easiest place to start is with your morning cereal.”

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