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Five Tips You Need To Know Now To Avoid Getting Scammed By Roofing Contractors

Now that you know what to look for, you can use these tips to choose a reputable contractor to repair or replace your roof if needed.

• Ensure they’re insured. Contractors must carry insurance for all employees and subcontractors — and provide a copy for your inspection. That’s non-negotiable, so insist upon it.

• Run if they suggest ducking your deductible. If the contractor claims to be able to handle a storm-related repair, without you having to pay your required insurance deductible, that’s insurance fraud — and something you don’t want to be a part of.

• Run even faster if they ask for more money down. It’s reasonable for contractors to request a modest down payment before work begins (consider it “earnest money”), but if the figure exceeds 20 percent of the bill’s projected total cost — say, 50, or even 75 percent — it should set off a red flag.

• Know your contractor. When it comes to peace of mind, hiring a contractor who is a member of a reputable roofing manufacturer’s contractor program is helpful.

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